How to Evaluate Ideas

Ideas can be evaluated only if Evaluation Stage for a Challenge starts and user role is “Judge”. Judge needs to log in to their account by provided credentials and follow the steps described below. Click here to log in –

Step 1: Click on a challenge that you want to evaluate. All challenges are available on

Step 2: When you visit a challenge page that’s at evaluation stage, you will find the button “evaluate ideas” which needs to be clicked on to see all ideas.


Step 3: Evaluate Ideas button will take you to a page that lists all ideas. To evaluate an idea, you need to click on the title of an idea.


Step 4: Clicking on the title of idea, you will b taken to Idea page where you will get the details about the idea and a button “EVALUATE IDEA” on the right side that needs to be clicked on to submit your evaluation.


Step 5: Finally you should see a pup-up window that will show the evaluation form. You will need to fill the form up / select options (in case of dropdown) and press submit button. Notable that your evaluation form might not be same as screenshot. It varies challenge to challenge. 


You need to repeat step 4 and 5 to evaluate all ideas.

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