This Toothbrush Cleans Your Teeth With Nanotechnology

Designer Kosho Ueshima collaborated with Japanese technologycompany Yumeshokunin to create an incredible toothbrush that uses nanotechnology to clean your teeth—no toothpaste necessary. The brush’s bristles—which are 0.178 millimeters thick—are coated in mineral ions, and when passed over your teeth, the ions remove stains and form a protective coating over your enamel. To activate the brush, all that’s needed is a dip in a cup of water.

“Even without toothpaste, your teeth stay as shiny and clean as though you just walked out of a teeth-cleaning session at the dentist’s,” the designers told Dezeen.


Meant to resemble a stream of running water, the brush is named Misoka, which means “last day of the month,” in Japanese. That also happens to be the lifespan of these brushes, requiring a change of bristles every 30 days.

Ueshima, who works for The Industrial Design Studio in Tokyo, carried out the redesign in time for relaunch at Milan’s Salone del Mobile show. But previous incarnations of the brush have already been a hit in Japan and Asia, where 2 million of them have been sold since 2007. Pricing and availability for this new model are still TBD.

Via: FastCompany

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