Watch the trailer for new creators project show “reform”, tackling the rise of digital actors

We all think we can tell the difference but over the last few years the evidence that virtual actors will soon become a Hollywood staple has become undeniable. Wax all you want about dead eyes or the Uncanny Valley, but the technology to fool us is already here and being utilized in blockbuster movies. And we get an up close look at it in the trailer for the first episode of a new show from The Creators Project called Re:Form.

Re:Form is one of a collection of new shows for the Creators Project, including Art World, a travel guide of international art scenes around the globe through the eyes of young local artists. It’s all part of a larger overall expansion of the site that began as a Vice and Intel content partnership. This year, with The Creators Project adding more staff and production capabilities, as well as boosting local coverage in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany.

Last year, the site expanded to Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, and Spain. Read more about the strategy behind this unique content partnership in our story from last year when Intel’s director of media Rebecca Brown explained how working with Vice influenced and informed the brand’s expanding investment in content.

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